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Armchair Adoptions

Many people want to adopt a dog or cat but cannot keep one at their home. So, instead they can "armchair adopt" the pets of their choice. The animal stays at the shelter and writes to the adopter with letters and photos (with a little help from the humans of course). The fee for this is only 15 dollars a month (185 dollars a year). In the event their pet is adopted to a qualified home another pet will be made available. 

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If you wish to donate more than 15 dollars a month, or want to "adopt" more than one cat or dog, please "subscribe" below more than one time. Please remember that your credit card will be charged every month. PayPal provides you with a way to end your monthly subscription. 

"PayPal Subscriptions" require donors to have a PayPal account. If you don't have one this can be quickly and easily set up once you press the "Subscribe" button below, look for: "No PayPal account? Use your credit card account." Assisi can never see your PayPal Account setup information.

PayPal is accepted by many large "old school" retailers' Web sites and you can feel confident using PayPal for helping the Assisi little ones. Click here please if you want to learn more about PayPal.

Brief message to Assisi, if any.

Please see our "Donations" page for other credit card donation options. If using one of the payment options on our "Donations" page please follow up with an e-mail to Assisi with your "Armchair" instructions.

E-mail us to get started if you don't have a credit card as automated bank withdrawals may be arranged.



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