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Continuing Pet Care Program

If for some reason you are no longer able to care for your pet and you're concerned about your pet's future, please consider our Continuing Care Program.

We became aware of this need when meeting residents of nursing centers during pet therapy visits. Many senior citizens are unable to find someone to care for a beloved companion when health demands giving up a home and moving to assisted living. This can be a devastating experience.

In response to this need, we established a program of continuing care that assures a pet's future here in our cheerful facility. The program provides peace of mind for the guardian, and a comfortable natural lifetime for the pet if and when it is needed.

If arrangements are made in advance, senior citizen pet owners can enjoy the company of their pet until their situation changes, and not worry about what will happen to their beloved companion afterward.

Please e-mail us if you'd like information, and include your full name, regular mailing address, what types of pets, and how many pets you have, so we can send you information and a brochure.

Charitable Bequests

You may also consider a bequest to provide for the care of your beloved companions after you are no longer able to care for them, or to help us provide care to the "kids" at the shelter. Wouldn't it be satisfying to be remembered as the person who saved and changed the lives of so many innocent creatures?

To those friends of animals and the AAF who may consider a bequest to continue our work on your behalf, this is a general form that is suggested.

"I give, devise and bequeath, to the Assisi Animal Foundation, in Crystal Lake, Illinois, the sum of $_______, and/or (specifically described property)."

Assisi would be honored to be named as a "beneficiary" on life insurance or in your will with a beneficiary provision to the "Assisi No-Kill Animal Foundation of Crystal Lake, IL." The city and state information is important as there are many organizations called "Assisi." If you need more information you can contact Assisi.

The Assisi Animal Foundation is an IRS-designated 501 C-3 not-for-profit corporation.

The above is provided as information only. Please consult your legal advisor before making any changes to your estate.


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