Dogs are man’s (or woman’s) best friend. Bringing a new dog, either a puppy or a more seasoned dog, can bring joy and excitement into your life. There are many things to consider before adopting a new dog such as, your living environment, family makeup, local ordinances, and of course time commitment. Bringing a large, high energy dog to live in a small apartment with no access to outdoor time, is unfair to both the dog and you. Bringing an older sedate dog into your home with rumbustious children can also be unfair. Selecting a dog to fit your environment is important to both you and your new pet.
There are many types of “purebred” dogs both large and small. Most, but not all of the dogs at shelters are mixed breed and can have traits from all their lineages. When looking for a dog at AAF, let the staff know about your requirements and they can help steer you in the direction of dogs that will be best suited for you and your situation to avoid disappointments.
Besides personality, some things to consider before bringing a new dog into your home are: shedding – some dogs shed more than others, bark – it’s not just large dogs that can have very loud voices, other pets in your home – how will your current pets feel about adding another playmate, how much time you and your family have to spend with the dog and many more considerations. Be sure to take a realistic look at your requirements, to keep both you and your new pet happy and healthy.

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