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Donations are always appreciated. Gifts to the Assisi Animal Foundation are tax deductible (check with your tax advisor) because we are a 501 C-3 not-for-profit corporation. Financial donations allow us to pay utility and phone bills, as well as to purchase food and pet supplies. We have limited storage space, so we prefer to purchase supplies as we need them with the money from financial donations. If you are not comfortable donating money, click here for other things you can donate.

We take credit cards, checks, and other things of value. Call us for information on automatic monthly donations from your checking account.


Charitable Bequests

Assisi would be honored to be named as a "beneficiary" on life insurance or in your will with a beneficiary provision to the "Assisi No-Kill Animal Foundation of Crystal Lake, IL." The city information is important as there are many organizations called "Assisi." If you need more information you can call or e-mail Assisi. Please select "Donation" in the drop down box.

When you think of making a gift to charity in your will, you simply direct in your will that a certain amount of money be bequeathed to a designated charity. With the assistance of your legal advisor, you can establish a bequest by will, to be directed to the "Assisi No-Kill Animal Foundation of Crystal Lake, IL." If you have already prepared a will, your legal advisor can help you add a codicil to include Assisi.

The Assisi Animal Foundation is an IRS-designated 501 C-3 not-for-profit corporation.

The above is provided as information only. Please consult your legal advisor before making any changes to your estate.


Memorials & Tributes

You can make a Memorial or Tribute donation in honor of a friend, family member, or beloved pet. It can be a way to express friendship, or express sympathy for the loss of a loved one. This is a wonderful way to help the homeless animals in our care, and remember those dear to your heart.

Donating Online Using Assisi's Completely Secure Links
Donate to the AAF with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

If you do not wish to donate online, you can simply mail a paper check or money order (payable to Assisi Animal Foundation) to:


It is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to make one-time donations with PayPal. All you need is a credit card.

Assisi Animal Foundation
PO Box 143
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60039-0143


Online Donation Options

Thank you for donating to the Assisi Animal Foundation. Below is a list of the different types of donations you can make completely securley using PayPal.

If you select a Membership, you will receive our quarterly newsletter and member card, and PayPal will automatically charge your account every year to renew your membership.

If you do not wish to receive our newsletter or become a member, you can simply select a one-time donation, or of course you may do both. We appreciate all donations, and you have our heartfelt thanks!

It is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to make a one-time donation to Assisi using PayPal. All you need is a credit card. Just click on the "PayPal Donate" button next to an amount you would like to donate, then use the "Continue Checkout " button on the PayPal screen. (Ignore the Login box on the PayPal screen.) You may make any donation amount with multiple purchases, for example to donate 150 dollars make a 100 dollar and a 50 dollar purchase.

Using PayPal to start a continuing membership requires a PayPal account. After you click on the "PayPal Subscribe" button next to the type of Assisi membership you would like to sign up for, PayPal will help you through a quick & easy free account setup.

You can e-mail us if you would like to become an Assisi member without using PayPal. (Please select Newsletter and Membership from the drop-down menu on the E-mail Us page.)

      Select one below or make two or more transactions with the links for the total amount that you wish to donate.

Individual Membership (annual) $15.00

One-Time Donation $10.00
Family Membership (annual) $20.00
One-Time Donation $50.00
Sustaining Membership (annual) $120.00
One-Time Donation $100.00
Armchair Adoption (annual) $180.00
One-Time Donation $250.00
Lifetime Membership (one-time) $500.00


Corporate Membership (annual) $1000.00




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