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Expense List

To those who have helped the little ones here, thank you! We appreciate it so much.

The economic squeeze that so many of us are experiencing has resulted in just a trickle of previous Assisi donations. So many are losing their homes, and homes for their pets. The demand for our no kill shelter services has never been greater. 

You may donate immediately using your credit card or check (links left).

 Or Click Here to Contact Assisi. Please see the bottom of this page too.

Please help these over 250 little ones in the Assisi no kill shelter. The cats and dogs that cannot be adopted to well screened loving homes (age, illness, et cetera) will stay here their entire natural lives. Assisi is operated mostly by a handful of volunteers as we have done for twenty years.

Present urgent needs (if met the need will be removed):

Sprinkler system (fire)

Gift cards for services, merchandise, or dining (for Assisi auctions and fundraising events, money that goes for the cats and dogs here),

Unused postage stamps for Assisi mailing purposes,

Veterinary bill help, as a no kill shelter this is a huge expense,

Laundry (detergents, bleach) we run the machines day and night,

Towels and scatter rugs (no rubber backing please),

Cat "furniture,"

Pedigree brand canned dog food,

Friskies brand canned cat food,

Printer cartridges (HP95 and 98),

Heartguard canine heartworm preventive,

Revolution doses,

And more.


Ongoing "routine" expenses:

So many wonderful people contact us and ask how they can help since they are not able to volunteer. We thought it would be fun to list the approximate dollar amounts of some Assisi expenses. You'll be able to see some of the expenses that are required to care for all the cats and dogs in their beautiful, no-kill shelter in the country. We have been operating this award winning, no-kill shelter since 1985.

Through PayPal, Assisi accepts your immediate secure donation over the Internet right now!

All the information you enter at our secure PayPal credit card site is encrypted (or scrambled, so even Einstein couldn't figure it out) and can't be viewed by others.

You will immediately be sent an e-mail receipt for your donation.

PayPal is very easy to use and completely secure. I have used these services. The ease of use and security exceeded my expectations. Please try it, you will have no problems.

Thanks for your consideration. We so much appreciate your help!

$ .25 will buy one dog biscuit.

$ .50 will buy a can of cat food.

$ .99 will buy one cat toy.

$ 1 will buy a litter scoop.

$ 4 will buy ten pounds of kitty litter.

$ 5 will buy a pet thermometer.

$ 8 will buy one can of flea spray.

$ 13 pays for ten lbs of quality cat food.

$ 15 will buy a kitty litter box.

$ 15 will vaccinate a cat for Feline Leukemia.

$ 17 will buy one cat an injection for tapeworms.

$ 18 will pay for pet shampoo.

$ 18 will vaccinate a dog for distemper and Parvo.

$ 18 will buy a dog a vaccination for Lyme Disease.

$ 20 will pay for one canine Rabies or Corona Virus vaccination.

$ 22 pays for twenty lbs of quality cat food.

$ 25 will buy one canine heart worm antigen test.

$ 30 will treat a dog for round, hook and tapeworms.

$ 40 pays for one feline Leukemia FIV test.

$ 50 will cover expenses of neutering a male cat.

$ 75 will cover expenses of spaying a female cat.

$ 250 will buy sleeping mats and comforts for cats.

$ 250 pays for waste pickup for one month.

$ 400 pays for a new washing machine (We run three nearly all day).

$ 450 will buy a refrigerator for medical supplies.

$ 500 pays for one brand new stainless steel cage for a cat to replace old particle board cages that are falling apart (these are needed for newcomers awaiting tests, patients recovering from surgery, or being medicated).

$ 800 will buy storage cabinets for cleaning supplies.

$1,000 will repaint the walls in the original building.

$ 3,000 will pay insurance on one of the two shelter buildings for a year.

$ 3,600 will pay for regular postage costs for a year.

$ 3,900 will pay a year's phone, internet, and fax costs.

$ 5,000 will pay for a needed central air exchange system.

$ 7,500 will pay for heat and electric for one year.

$ 8,000 will pay regular (non-emergency) veterinary and lab costs for one month.

$ 36,000 will feed "the Kids" (as we call them) for a year.

$ ? will buy land on which to build a larger facility and save more small lives.

And more! Please help us keep helping the little ones in our care.

Please donate!

Personal checks can be sent to:

Assisi Animal Foundation

P.O. Box 143

Crystal Lake, Illinois 60039-0143

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