Love Stories

We are always so happy when we hear about how one of our former residents is doing in their new forever home. Click here to read love stories of a few Assisi Animal Foundation pets who found their forever home. Do you have a story you would like to share about adopting one of our Alumni? We love to hear them, please use the Contact form to tell us your story.

Tibsy and Tobasco kittens

Tabasco and Ally ♥ – Mary Smith

On December 27th, I met the two loves of my life. Tabasco and Ally, a brother and sister, filled gaps in my heart that I did not know were cracked. Their sweet and loving dispositions, as well as their playfulness and mischievous ways, have certainly turned our house into a home.

Thank you Assisi Animal Foundation for the love and care you show each and every furbaby that crosses your path! I am forever grateful.

Mouse & Marble ♥ – John and Carol C.

We adopted a brother and sister from PetSmart – this was our second time adopting from there. The adoption process was excellent, they are very easy to work with and very nice people. The store is definitely clean and the cats are very well cared for.
We renamed the cats to Mouse for the male and Marble for the female – she is a calico and her fur is marbled. They are both very playful and very affectionate. We love to watch them run around and play together. It really warms my heart to see them playing and enjoying themselves.
We have 2-1/2-year-old dog – also a shelter animal, and all 3 of them get along so well together. They all sleep together and play with each other all the time. We are so happy to have adopted these cats.