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AAF Newsletter

To get current quarterly 16 page newsletters on a regular basis you must become an Assisi member (minimum $15 a year). To become a member, please send an e-mail requesting info. At about 75 cents per newsletter (printing, postage, labor, et cetera) we cannot simply put people on our regular newsletter mailing list for "free." We hope you will understand.

We were going to put each issue of our newsletter on the website until many people were kind enough to tell us that the newsletter was very slow loading on their computers and in some cases even caused lockups. We found that many of the people having problems were using older computers short on memory with a slower modem. Yet, we were still spending a fair amount of time working with these folks and in the end discovered it was more efficient to just mail everyone who wants a copy of the current newsletter rather then talking with all these folks about their computers.

We realize that there are ways to post the newsletter on this website so it will load faster for everyone, yet under the current setup this would require considerable time and conversion from one format to another and is something that we will do one day. We hope that our current procedure is suitable for almost everyone.

If you would like to receive a "sample" newsletter, send us an e-mail with your regular postal mailing address and we'll mail you a newsletter "sample" right out First Class. There is no charge or obligation for the free newsletter. We don't give or sell your address to anyone.

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