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Other Donations

gift cards or gift certificates (to local stores that sell pet supplies, cleaning supplies, or office supplies)

Postage stamps
Copy paper
Cartridges for printers, copier, fax
33 gallon trash bags
snow removal services
lawn care services
printing our newsletters
mailing service for newsletters


Donation of vehicles, real estate, fine jewelry, quality art work, or
other property

Because the Assisi Animal Foundation is an IRS designated 501 C-3 non-
profit organization there may be donor benefits for giving Assisi all kinds of property. Assisi may be able to accept your car, truck, boat, fine jewelry, quality art work, or other property, including real estate, and sell it. The proceeds go to Assisi and you get a "non-profit gift tax deduction."

Often the value of the a donor's tax deduction is a greater "bottom line" financial gain to the donor than an outright owner's sale (if you factor in advertising, taxes, time spent, et cetera). Helping all the little ones at the Assisi cageless and no-kill shelter is an immeasurable benefit. We recommend you speak with your tax advisor for specific details and advice.

Please contact Assisi to discuss the details of your donation.


Homemade Scratching Posts and Cat Trees

If you're handy with tools and raw materials, you can build a scratching post or cat tree for the shelter.

The best scratching posts are 3 feet tall (two 2x4's fastened together) with a wide wooden base (18"x18") and wrapped with sisal or manila rope. Contrary to popular belief, carpet is not the best thing to wrap around scratching posts. Cats prefer tough, rough material with more resistance than carpet. Also contrary to popular belief, scratching posts should not be short; they should be tall enough for cats to stretch out vertically to their fullest extent.

If you are interested in building a cat tree, please contact us to find out the dimensions to which the cat tree should be built. You may want to make an appointment to visit the shelter and take measurements.


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