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Pet Assisted Therapy

“Pets for Patient Progress”

The Assisi Animal Foundation introduced animal assisted therapy to our area back in 1987. The award winning program continues to grow, as does public and professional recognition of its benefits to residents of nursing facilities, assisted living, Alzheimers Centers and special disabilities facilities. Assisi, when feasible, has also made "shut-in" home visits. We are proud of this service to the community and the elderly and welcome volunteers willing to help. Please call, e-mail or write for information.

Many folks contact Assisi wanting to use their pets on these Assisi visits. We only use cats and dogs that are Assisi "residents."

For those wising to make visits on their own, with their own pets, we have no "special advice" except for you to contact locations in your area and go visit. You must consult with your family attorney and insurance carrier first, of course.

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