Animal Assisted Therapy

We introduced our award-winning program to our area in 1987 – even before the first shelter building was finished and it continues to this day. The benefits of animal therapy have been well documented and we see first-hand how pets bring joy to residents of nursing facilities, assisted living, Alzheimer’s Centers, and residential disability centers. We are honored to be able to provide this service to our community and proud of the recognition that it has received. If your group or facility is interested in receiving a Pet Assisted Therapy visit from a few of our pet “residents”, please contact us for details. We welcome volunteers that are willing to travel to provide this service to many more residents in our area. Please contact us if you are interested or call 815-455-9411. 

Saving Animals and Saving People.

Continuing Care

As we age or our circumstances change, it can be of concern to think of what will happen to our beloved pets. It is wonderful if family or friends can provide for pet, but sometimes this is impossible. At the Assisi Animal Foundation, we do offer Continuing Care for your pets if you become unable to care for them at some point. Your pet will live out its natural life in comfort and be well taken care of, so you can rest assured, and enjoy peace of mind. Please contact us for more information on this program.

Dog Bite Prevention Education

Our program teaches children how to avoid getting bitten by dogs or cats.. We can visit with your group, school, scouts, and the like to teach the basics of animal behavior and how to avoid situations that could result in a bite. Please contact us for more information, or call us at 815-455-9411

Arm Chair Adoptions

We understand that there are many people who would love to adopt a pet, but may be unable to care for one in their home, so we offer Armchair Adoptions. The animal lives at the shelter and the adopter receives letters and photos of their pet. The fee for this is only $15 a month ($180 a year). In the event their pet is adopted to a qualified home another pet will be made available, you may cancel at any time with no obligation.  For more information on this program and to become an Armchair pet parent, please contact us, or call us at 815-455-9411